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The sample output for the string is shown in Figure 2 along with the resulting string table. As can be seen, the string table fills up rapidly, since a new string is added to the table each time a code is output. In this highly redundant input, 5 code substitutions were output, along with 7 characters. If we were using 9 bit codes for output, the 19 character input string would be reduced to a byte output string. Of course, this example was carefully chosen to demonstrate code substitution. In real world examples, compression usually doesn't begin until a sizable table has been built, usually after at least one hundred or so bytes have been read in.

Leagues  – This is the opposite of a “high standards” buffer which could be grouped with Scarcity. There is the woman some guys actually fear because she is perceived to be so much more socially valuable than the AFC. Think of the HB9+ corporate director who runs marathons, travels a lot, has good friends, dresses well, etc, etc, etc. The AFC tells himself “wow is she out of my league I would just get shot down because I would need to possess A, B & C to be her social status equal for her to even be interested”.  Ergo, the idea of Leagues is a useful rationalization buffer against rejection.

Anyone following the international news over the past few months will know about the difficult situation evolving in the Middle East. The Gulf states of Saud...

That the calcium level is at least 400 ppm. Calcification becomes more difficult as pH drops, and it also becomes more difficult as the calcium level is lowered . It would not be desirable to push the extremes of pH, alkalinity, and calcium all at the same time. So if the pH is on the low side and cannot be easily changed (such as in an aquarium with a CaCO 3 /CO 2 reactor), at least make sure that the calcium level is acceptable (~400-450 ppm).

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Buffers, The - Standin' On The Corner